Magento 2 – Quick tip : Activate support in PhpStorm

Magento 2 – Quick tip : Activate support in PhpStorm

You can enable Magento 2 support in PhpStorm.

It will bring great features in the IDE that will help in your coding.

Here is in the IDE settings how to enable it.
Go in section Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Frameworks
And check "Enable Magento Integration"

You will also need to set the magento installation path.

Apply the setting changes by clicking on "Ok" or "Apply" button and close the settings window.

You will then need to wait for the code project to be reindexed.

Once done, you will be able to see several nice features in the editor.

  • Navigation between schema.graphqls files and PHP resolver file

Here you can see the little annotation C.

By clicking on the C you will be redirect to the resolver class.

In PHP classes, you can see several annotation icons.

  • Navigation between configuration files and PHP files

This annotation will bring you to some configuration files (di.xml).



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