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Monthly Archive 22 March 2020

Magento 2 : Database anonymization module

This is my first module deployed on packagist.

This module once installed will offer a new command for anonymizing the database.

This can be useful on a development environment when the database has been retrieved from a production environment. It will anonymize all the customer's data (replace personal data) to be compatible on a GDPR point of view.

Install the module using composer :

composer require addeos/anonymize

Once the module is installed on your magento, simply call it using the following command :

php bin/magento addeos:anonymize

After execution is done, all your customer personal data will be transformed.

This must not be executed on a production environment!

Sometimes, some magento application can be set on production application mode even if the magento is not a production application. This can be on a preproduction magento for example.

In this case, there is a safety that will prevent the command to work but you can still call the command with a -f 1 option

php bin/magento addeos:anonymize -f 1